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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Who are you serving?

SVCF serves all Veterans of the United States armed forces and our community members,

We serve Veterans who are transitioning from military back to civilian living and community members who need assistance in finding resources in a time of need. 

Veterans who are transitioning.

Veterans who are waiting for benefits or seeking benefits.

Veterans who are overcoming difficult personal trials.

Veterans who want to change their lives for the better and have nowhere to go.


What does this cost a Veteran?

Nothing. With kind and loving contributions, volunteerism, and the benefits of what a Veteran receives we do not believe in charging the Veteran monetarily. What we do charge a Veteran is their commitment to the program. To make a commitment to change their lives or enhance it for the better from all the programs that are offered.

What programs are offered?

The SVCF is the home of the Veteran. We help facilitate, transport and educate the Veteran on the benefits and programs that are offered. SVCF also works with all agencies and organization that are for the benefit of the Veteran. If a Veteran is with the SVCF and wants to be apart of a program that is offered, we assist them in partaking in it. 

How long can a Veteran stay?

A Veteran can stay as long as they and their caseworker deem necessary. We understand as an organization that some things that involve life changes, and benefits, can take weeks to years. What is important to the SVCF is the overall care that is put in it, not how quickly we can move those we care for along. 

How do you know your program will work?

The SVCF ideology was formed from many personal experiences of our board members as well as the questioning of friends, families, and Veterans themselves from all era's. We believe we have looked at all the good that is being done out there and found the weak points. It is these weak points that we address in our organization and fill in. With what we offer and what is offered outside, by working together, we give the Veteran solid foundation to make the most out of whatever situation the Veteran needs. 

We will also be working with some of the best educators, advisors, and doctors to observe what we are doing and assist the organization in keeping the Veteran first.

Who made your logo?

Our logo was made and donated by fellow Veteran Fabian Torres.